Morals more than Maths and Science

There were once three villages, Shanpur and Khanpur and Madinpur. Shanpur was well known for its wrestling. Every boy that was born in that village was trained to wrestle. Shanpur was so popular in the entire kingdom that the best of breed soldiers were from Shanpur. The families were always in tension because of the frequent fights.

Khanpur was not so keen on wrestling, but more into spirituality, social work. Every baby that was born in Khanpur was taught fundamentals of life, kindness, ethics and then sent for education for livelihood. They were not well to do families but are content and happy with what they have.

Madinpur was known for lot of intelligence. They excel in maths, science and other arts. Each baby born in Madinpur was educated so well to become an officer any where. The families prospered by the money their children made.

Our King was of peaceful nature and did not want to wage wars. However there was another enemy kingdom which always wanted to win over our King. Our king sent a Shanpur based soldier as ambassador to the enemy kingdom for alliance. The Shanpur hero was a ferocious person and was never taught courtesy nor morals nor ethics, but was a war hero. He straight went to the other King and said

“Oh great King, if you do not make alliance with us, we will surely see your end!”.

This ignited the King and ordered his men to cut off the head of the ambassador. The King felt really annoyed and ordered his Officers to train the army in the next 2 months to prepare for battle.

Our king heard the news and was nervous for what has happened. He called upon a Midanpur based Engineer and said to him, “I know you are an intellectual. You can cleverly handle this situation. Go to the other King and ask for his forgiveness and make alliance”. The Engineer nodded and went to the enemy King. He saw the enemy kings throne was not made of Gold but an Alloy of Solver and Copper and that his Throne is lower in height than his ministers. The lighting was not so proper in the court. He could not control his laughter and laughed before the King. The enemy King became even angry. The ambassador was thrown out of the country into a desert.

Our king really felt sad for what has happened and held his head on what to do. His minister advised him to send the Kings goldsmith who is from Khanpur. The King was surprised but honored his ministers Advice. The goldsmith was called upon and was conveyed the situation. The goldsmith trembled with fear, but for the benefit of the people of his kingdom agreed. He went to his home and collected the best ornament he has ever made, and embossed on it the Enemy Kings name and traveled to the other Kingdom by a bullock cart. He bowed before the other King and Knelt before him and said

“Oh! generous King! We have never witnessed such a merciful King in centuries. You have not waged war against our Kingdom yet even if you were unintentionally poked by our stupid soldiers earlier. Each man on Earth shall hence forth learn from you. We have learnt thousands of good things from you and your men. We are obliged to request your kindness towards us for a friendly hand. This is a gift from our land to you to wear, in respect to that” and offered the ornament to him.

The King was amazed to hear such pleasant words from his enemy nation, but also felt guilty of trying to wage war. He saw the glittering ornament with his name embossed in diamonds and ordered his men to aptly honor the ambassador and also agreed for a friendship with our King unconditionally.

Our King became so happy and content with the goldsmith that he ordered in all the educational institutions to teach courtesy, morals and ethics more than Maths and Science.

Friends, we are losing ground by letting loose our human nature, craving for money. Money is important, but courtesy, ethics and morals are more important. Educate your children well, but courtesy, morals and ethics well before!



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