Our disorders, are they really?


David was a shopkeeper who employed Brian to take care of the Shop as he got more responsibilities to take care. Brian was a good chap with decent manners. He had but one weakness, obsessive compulsive disorder, a doubtful mind to go back and check the lock twice, thrice, if it was locked. David was also aware of Brian’s weakness. He many times made fun of Brian in lighter vein. On one weekend David invited Brian and his family for a picnic. Brian arrived at Davids house early and all of them left for the Picnic. After traveling a few kilometers, Brian felt the compulsion that David might have not locked his main door. He conveyed the same to David. David ignored it, but his wife felt inconvenient and made everyone turn back to go back home and check the lock. When they reached home, surprisingly the door was open wide and when they checked in, they saw maid moving around. She also was surprised to see these guys back in, but managed to answer that since the door was open, she was expecting somebody in. From then on David developed high respect for Brian and also promoted him as his accountant.


There were once three fishermen, two of who used to go in high tides to get fish and used to get huge catch of fish. One of them was a little timid and never ventured into high tide. He always fished in shallow waters and so couldn’t make much money, except for his living. His family and relatives always called him names that he is not able to save money. There was once a news that during storms, there would be big fish migrating and we can be lucky if we can go to high tide. The three fishermen started for fishing and the timid fisherman felt cramps in his stomach and stayed back. The two others laughed and went ahead waging in high tide. They never returned.


On the convocation day of a renowned university, all the students whistled, blew horns, danced clapped threw papers on to the dais while there were performances. Only one girl stayed calm, smiling and clapping only thrice for any event that happened. The governor of the state observed this lady and after she attained her degree, he offered her a very decent job in his office. She was dumb. The Governor didn’t know that. However he immediately transferred her to a right job which doesn’t need her vocal communication.


There are orders and there are disorders, when looking through the lens of science. But sometimes a disorder can be a blessing in disguise. A disorder can be a life savior. A disorder can make others feel good. A disorder can bring luck.

A disorder becomes an order if it falls in the norms outlined for life. I would call a person who doesn’t double check his lock, who risks his nation, his family and his life, who rolls on the floor during performances/events disordered, not those who are otherwise. If you are physically and mentally fit, the immediate duty on you is to assume the responsibility of carrying the social norms smoothly. If you are successful, you already set an example. Be proud.

Why is that I am saying all this? It may not be for you, if you don’t want to change, but yes, your children are the society of tomorrow. Let them live better, by making them better from now. They may not be disordered physically or they may have small disorders which are acceptable, but do not make them disordered mentally and create a lunatic asylum on this lovely planet.


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