Regain your life back after being cheated or destroyed.

I am going to narrate eight real stories which have happened sometime in the history. We ought to learn something from every other life. Because as a great man said, a good man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learn from others too.

  1. Ram works in a small government office as accountant for ten thousand rupee salary. Every evening he had to deposit the collected money to the nearby bank. One day he could not collect more than a two thousand rupees and was carrying the money to the bank, when he was robbed off the cash bag on the deserted road. He saw the robber and wanted to take a revenge on him. From the next day onward after his depositing was over he used to roam one area in the city to find him. A week passed and a month passed. He was still searching. After an year he realized that he is unable to spend time with his family and that he had spent more than 30 full days searching for him in the year. He reimbursed the amount from his pocket and resumed his duties.
  2. Vikas went to a government office to pay his house tax which was due for two years. Vikas was having health and domestic problems to pay the house tax and finally went to pay the tax dues. After a couple of inquiries he ended up at the front of a dusty desk piled up with files and a nasty clerk sitting behind it chewing a pan. Vikas explained that he has some dues to pay and he is ready to pay the fine for late payment. The clerk laughed in a metallic tone and said… “I will get your work done… It would cost a little extra”… Vikas understood the meaning and inquired how much it would be. The answer was five hundred rupees for a tax of four thousand rupees. Vikas directly went to ACB and got him caught red handed while he made the fake payment.
  3. Ruma married Kailash and had a wonderful life there on. They had a very cute son, five years old,named Bipin, who had little squint eyes. They are well to do and they were socially responsible too. Both of them used to go for any social activity that goes around their vicinity. They both worked in a Government office. Their son prospered very good in studies and reached his SSC(School final). Then joined a teacher in Bipin’s school who used to envy Bipin for his intelligence and manners. The teacher’s son was average student and never did well in studies. She used to make Bipin feel inferior to others poking his disability. Bipin never told his parents and kept to himself. He couldn’t do good in his final exam with his mental unrest. Ruma and Kailash came to know the facts quite later, but the complaint they lodged in the principals office made little affect. The shrewd teacher was happy and after some years she was in Ruma’s office to submit some documents in sending his son to the US. Ruma ensured that the teacher’s son never made across the ocean.
  4. Puneet delayed his marriage by many years looking for a beautiful, educated and yet homely girl. He was highly educated and had decent manners and ethics. He was finally shown a girl who appeared to be homely and was doing her post graduation. He felt, he finally met his dream. He married her and within few months, to his dismay, he found that she was forced to sit in post graduation college, due to pressures from her parents for a good match for marriage, and she herself never wanted to study. He also realized that she is more rustic in nature, behavior and has adamant attitude. Yet that girl loved him the best. He also realized she was incorrigible. Whenever he tried for a separation, she attempted a suicide. He gave the girl and her parents ample time 1 year, 2 years, 3 years to amend her lifestyle and educate her properly. Meanwhile they had a son too. After 5 years of marriage, things didn’t change much. Puneet, being vexed of all these situations, secretly married another woman and started a parallel life.
  5. Gaurav was travelling home after he completed his education in the US. When he arrived home he found his house was sold away and his mother and father were left as destitute in an orphanage. He learned that for his final semester fees, they had to sell their house. Seeing their suffering and helplessly instinctive, he jumped from the roof of a building to avenge his adamant nature to go to the US for studies and ended his life.
  6. David bought booked a second hand car after many years of saving his hard earned money, from a local dealer. After riding for a week, the car developed unusual noise inside. In a month the Engine became flat and the mechanic said, the car is unusable anymore. His heart just melt down and came down to knees. His wife, very supportive to him, consoled him and brought him back to his feet. They lodged a complaint in local consumer court and started to live life again. This time a bit more careful about it. The case got resolved in one year and David got his refund back.
  7. Maya’s husband was diagnosed liver cancer and was operated for it by a surgeon from London. The surgeon realized some mistakes were done and wrong tests were performed on the patient. However he could do nothing much for the patient’s condition. Maya has been in the hospital along with her husband for almost a month sleeping and waking up by his side and attending all his requirements. Finally when he expired, she couldn’t even cry… She was deeply stuck by the agony and grief. Thereafter she never talked to anyone and lived like a dumb lady.
  8. One of my friends father, who was a gentleman, 28 years back partnered with his two good friends for a business. He loaned from a bank about 10Lakhs. After two years of good business, the partners cheated this gentleman and left him on road with his wife, son and daughter. The gentleman wanted to die. But looking at the innocent faces of his young son and little daughter, stood up on legs and started to work day and night for a remote job in Assam, keeping his son in a remote village along with his grandmother. The family ate one meal a day. My friend had 50np in his wallet for months, while he travelled to school and then to college. He didn’t even sip the so called “Soda” which costed 50np. He didn’t watch a move in his 10 years stay with his grand mother. His father finally paid every np of the loan, and then on their life started happily over again.

Now lets take each case what each of them have done right or wrong

  1. Ram was not precarious about the money he carried. Even if he is, after he was robbed, he should have lodged a complaint in the police and intimate the office immediately, which would have saved him face and wouldn’t have lost his family life and peace of mind.
  2. Vikas has wonderfully responded to the problem he faced.
  3. Ruma and Kailash were in a helpless situation, even after knowing he facts. Ruma did the right thing to avenge, but did not waste her or her family life in a vengeful thought every day and night.
  4. Puneet was also in a helpless situation where he can neither carry on with the marriage or can break it. Looking at his son’s life and his future, I personally feel he took a path which would help him to get some emotional help.
  5. Gaurav should have realized that his adamant nature made his parents suffer. Now he should have apologized to them and hug them and make them happy in their last legs of life.
  6. David’s wife really stood strong and brought her husband to her level to regain their life in no time.
  7. Maya is dumbstruck, that is obvious. But the people around should have helped her tobring her back to life and sued the hospital for mistreatment which caused Maya’s husbands death.
  8. He is my close friend…. tears roll off my eyes when I remember him. May god bless him, his father and all his family for supporting his father. May his grandmother whose pension was 75Rs that time with which both of them survived, rest in peace, as she is no more now. I don’t know if a revenge would have succeeded here.

Now why is all this stuff. What to learn from this. We need to understand very clearly that “Time is Money”. But how much? Is one hour equal to one Million rupees? It may not be. Compare the money you lost, with the time you are going to lose when you are going to avenge your loss in the shortest possible way. If it is worth, go ahead. Now there is a secondary argument to that. Even if the money is not worth the time, but the public would be affected (as in case 2), take the right step to curb the loss. There are cheaters everywhere in this society looking for people with weak state of mind. Tread very carefully and ensure that your children don’t belong to that group of cheaters when their time comes.


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