What if an inspiring person found guilty

Sawant was a Chemistry teacher at the Government under graduate college. He was not only good in the subject but also had finesse in manners, courtesy, honesty and art of living(Not the one by Pandit Ravishankar). Every batch of students naturally admired him a lot, for his outstanding personality. Many students who wanted to stand out, got inspiration from him and started cultivating Sawants habits of life. Pranav also was a high admirer of Sawant and tried to cultivate every habit that Sawant had. Pranav believed that there could be none better than Sawant on Earth. In no time Pranav also gained respect from not only from his friends but also from his parents, relatives and has become a important person in his colony, due to his high habits.

Sawant was not aware of all the happenings, but he knows that he leads a disciplined life and that Pranav is close to him. In July 1997, Sawant’s father expired before he could write a will for his property. So there was a fight among Sawant’s brothers. Though Sawant was not too keen to participate in the fight, his wife pressurized him to fight with his brothers for his share. Sawant took a month leave from the college to attend court proceedings for the property. In the mean time, Sawant’s sister visited Sawant for a compromise and there was a argument between Sawant’s wife and Sister. Sawant’s sister was found hanging in her flat the next morning. There was police and there happened lot of things from which Sawant came out as a innocent.

After a couple of months Sawant resumed to his duty in a sad mood. Though many students turned their face off from him, some talked to him for the sake of saving face or probably marks. Pranav was not in college. After two days in college he inquired about Pranav. He realized that Pranav has changed his lifestyle. When Sawant called on Pranav, he declined to come. However Sawant found some time on a Saturday at 10 AM, to visit Pranav, only to find him with a glass of wine and some nasty books with a cigarette in hand in his room. He straight said to Sawant… “Hey cheater, what made you come back”… Sawant didn’t understand. Pranav continued.. “You tell hundred moral stories. What happened at the end. It is now proved that all people who recite morals are cheaters. They just make people fools. You said money is not important in life, but you managed to kill your sister for the same money and fought for the property of your father…. Hahahaha…. Come on, lets have a drink… now I also will travel in the same boat… no more Kahani(stories)… lets enjoy life, cheating others in whatever way possible…” …

Sawant realized that his life’s latest happening has created ripples in the college and Pranav is damaging his life. What can he do too, he cannot reveal his private happenings at home to the poor students. He resigned from the college and joined another one and started a fresh life again.

What a tragic story! But for what? Realize the essence of it. Each one of us want to become better in our lives. Very few people inspire us by their style of life or their attitude or their oratory. If we inculcate good habits from them, and on one fine day the inspiring person turns out to be something else, should we leave our habits borrowed from him? Yes or No? If yes, we would become Pranav; remind you, you are harming yourself than the other person. It certainly hurts if the person turns out to be different than what we expected. But anticipate it well before with every person that inspires you and safeguard yourself. Also remember what I always said.

Every one has secrets and one has a book of explanations for them. Private life should not be touched while judging one’s public life, and if at all required, read one’s book first.

Whenever I read about controversial people like many “Baba’s” , whether or not I believe in their personal lives, when any of their point appeals to me or hits my heart, I just take note of it and try to inculcate in my life and move on. I do not go far with their lives and their habits.

Borrow good things from anyone who looks inspiring, and move on. Don’t make men idols for worshiping.Men are not Gods, but are after all men born like you. Finally it is you who will be a reserve of good things borrowed from hundred people and shining in the society. If any of those hundred people did something wrong in their lives, there must be a reason behind it which cannot be probably revealed to you. If there is no reason, let the law take its course. If you worry for them, your life is half gone. Every one of us has weaknesses in life. Some time or the other they get exposed and may be pronounced. That should not deter our way of life or character.Don’t you have your own secrets which you do not want to share with public? Of course you do. Take care of your self first and evolve as a better human being, leaving frustrations, bad impressions and irritations behind.


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