What is God, how to see him everywhere.

Who has seen God? Except for those who are Monks, Yogis and the like, nobody else has or have not left any trace. The real Yogis and Monks can be counted with fingers, because the path entirely is different to be a Yogi or a Monk and is quite thorny to tread for any average individual. The next question that comes to your mind is, why am I speaking about God? What qualifies me to talk?

Nothing qualifies me specifically. However the questions that come to my heart, I dig them through internally and try to find answers. If you remember, Newton discovered Earth’s gravity when apple fell down, do you think the gravity suddenly appeared from somewhere that day/moment? No!, it was there for billions of years, it’s only a uncovering of mind and thoughts that revealed it. So is any other knowledge. The knowledge is within us, we just need to uncover it by thought, analysis and logical application. That is what I have been trying to do. And above all, this is my website and I have freedom of speech. Don’t I 🙂

What is God? The Almighty, The all Powerful. Is there a manifestation of him for a common man like us? Let us see if we can find simple answers. Do you remember the Einstein’s equation E=MC2? Great.. if you don’t understand it let me put in easy words….

The Mass and Energy are mutually convertible. But cannot be destroyed

We have so far only converted mass to energy but not vice-versa. We cannot work if we don’t eat. Our vehicles won’t run without fuel. Our computers won’t work without power. We have been converting only lumps of fuel, be it food, gasoline, or lead-acid to energy for our requirements. Have you ever seen somebody converting a 240V 5amp current to a chocolate or a biscuit? Unimaginable! But possible! Energy is power for us. Hence I call this power as God. Do you object? Read further, and them comment.

Firstly, this energy is distributed in every object that we have. You can literally get huge amount of energy by trying to destroy (burn it?) anything that you have at your home, doesn’t it. Table, Chair, Television, Gas etc. So Energy is Omnipresent.

Secondly, each one of the object has specific purpose in this universe and it has the related knowledge.Don’t scratch your head. Don’t they? (A tumbler knows that it needs to hold water, A refrigerator knows that it has to cool things, A mat knows that it has to safeguard the occupant and so on), but due to Einsteins equation, they are masses which can be converted to Energy, and hence a manifested form of energy, with knowledge. Energy is Omniscient.

Thirdly, a match stick can burn a candle. A candle can burn 100 candles. Gas can cook for you. Electricity can do much work for you and even destroy a men. A nuclear fission can destroy a city. Sun gives us solar energy to kill bacteria and provide us light. If sun comes near to us by a few thousands of kilometers, we are burnt to ashes. Which means, Energy is Omnipotent.

Let us revisit. Energy is Omnipresent, Energy is Omniscient, Energy is Omnipotent. God is known and accepted to be Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent by many Religions(For a simple reason that he sees, knows, hears, works everywhere simultaneously). Who else qualifies to take the place of God more than Energy. That is why Hindu’s worship Goddess Shakti/Durga, the manifestation of Power, Energy. Energy needs to be respected and used for constructive means. Imagine if Sun doesn’t rise for few days and our Electricity doesn’t work and our matchsticks do not glow. How do you think we can lead our lives so cozily? God is everywhere and is helping us in our ways of life, be it good or bad. Do not abuse him.

In my next article, I would talk about “Why to pray God and will Confessions ever work”. Stay tuned.


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