How can India Change it’s Policy on Reservations

Let us look at the facts first:

In the Central government funded educational institutions, 22.5% of available seats are reserved for SCs(15%) and STs(7.5%) and has been increased to whopping 49% by the then Prime Minister , V.P Singh when he added 27% to OBCs, which was recommended by the Mandal Comission in 1980, established in 1979. Later in 1982, the Constitution specified 15% SCs and 7.5% to STs, in public sectors and government aided undertakings which was supposedly reviewed every 5 years. However the period was routinely extended by successor governments. Luckily, The Supreme Court of India ruled that the total caste based reservations cannot exceed 50%.

Each one of us know that this 49% of reservations is blocking those top 51-100 rankers or meritorious men from getting their share of bread. It is not just their share of bread that is grabbed, but the nations growth and pride are sacrificed to uplift the backward classes. Well! Great job! We have no yardstick to measure how much backwardness is still left and how long will it take for them to come on board, but we have helped to a great extent in uplifting many of them and the numbers speak themselves(Every 49 seats out of hundred are given away to the backward classes for 30 long years now!)

We have been thinking that we are doing a great job in sacrificing the merit for upliftment and that is a real blunder. Yes! Realize! If there are 100 seats and I have filled up with merit up to 51, and I have no good bunch of merit people who are from backward classes, I give away the seats to the poorly performing, just to fill up the quota. What did I eventually make? An imbalanced structure of extreme meritorious people and a extremely poor performers. Now later in their jobs they are never asked what they studied and how they performed. Our brains have been draining from the country to find merit places elsewhere. They are doing exceedingly well there and earning rewards (viz. Silicon Valley, Hotmail, MIT students and innumerable other examples) just because of the fact that we are not providing them the share they deserve here.

There was a dam and a reservoir that have to be built and coincidentally a couple of these “under performers” are picked up to make it. Now imagine what they will build and how long it would last.

There are community leaders who stand around these communities of backward classes to defend their argument and fight people tooth and nail. Their argument has always been that the upper castes have suppressed them for many decades and that they need opportunity to get into the “mainstream“. But do they know that they are harming the society and the nation as a whole than the so called “upper castes”. Realize leaders!, Leaders of such communities! There is no rival now between castes. We are all one and will stand one. We have equal opportunities and many of the SC/ST/OBC have raised to a good level in social status and financially too.

As an individual, a perverted man can be selfish and seldom thinks about society. However when a group of people become selfish for the community and do not bother about the society and the nation as a whole, that group does not stand long and would eventually become the reason for the fall of the nation.

If you do not agree to the above statements you may not continue to read any longer, just flip the page and get lost!

Now do we really want to resolve such a situation which is sensitive from all angles? Of course I do and we can too. The leaders need a commitment to implement, as they did for many initiatives like VAT, Petrol price decentralization, Women reservation bill etc amid many protests.

The strategy goes like this:

  1. Every backward class man/woman, who has utilized his/her caste in getting seat in a educational institution and/or a job will pay the government an additional Caste-Privilege-Tax of 2-10%(based on the earning class) every month. Remember, this is NOT a fine for snatching the opportunity of the upper caste, but for utilizing the privilege of caste reservation and sidelining the best interests of the nation to progress.
  2. The fund collected thus would be used to economically uplift the currently studying or even downtrodden men of the backward class(SC/ST/OBC) all inclusive, for the next 5 years.
  3. The fund will also be used to provide free education with meals for the backward class students.
  4. In the process of 2 & 3, new schools and employment facilitation centers will be established and monitored by the community leaders.
  5. The community leaders would be set targets to collect funds from the affluent community members and taxes and fully utilize them locally.
  6. Any Entrepreneur who has utilized his caste based privilege for an education or for a career opportunity will have to share his workforce not less than 50% to backward classes alone.
  7. After 5 years of this plan, any new nationals who take up education or a career using their caste privilege, will have to pledge that they would besides the “Caste-Privilege-Tax”, they would payback the government 20%-40% of their educational expenses borne by the government in the due course, as per government guidelines for the Class I and Class II employment.
  8. Class III, and Class IV employees will be excluded from paying their educational expenses and additional taxes for the next 10 years or as applicable.
  9. If the above points have been carried out successfully by the government and especially point (5) with right responsibility, the reservations can be abolished in 10 years from now.

The nation would see a tremendous growth and a promising future for every one and we all eagerly look forward for it.


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