Why is it our Responsibility to Cleanse the Society?

A few like minded friends were frustrated with the social ways, corrupt politicians and decided to go into a Jungle to live peacefully eating fruits and vegetables. They packed up few essential items, went to a nearby jungle searched for a cave to live in and started their lives. First day went like a picnic. Everyone enjoyed the stay. The second day was tough finding fruits and vegetables to eat, and then water. They had to go in turns and also together to safeguard themselves from the beasts of jungle. In a week, they became dehydrated and mal-nutritious. Their brains were not performing upto the capacity and bodies were not helping to do the work. There were mosquitoes through out day and night and scorpions and centipedes everywhere they have to tread carefully. They realized that no matter where, they have to keep, clean and secure, their surroundings for their survival. Food comes secondary in survival and later comes comforts of life. They left the cave in good spirits and are back in the society doing good things around us.

A man and woman along with their 5 year old kid arrived in a Indian city due to a transfer in job. Giving least thought to what is happening in the city, they bought a house for themselves in a decent area and started leading life, joining the kid in a nearby school. After some time, the neighbor calls up our hero for a witness, for the colony they stay in, in a land grab case which belonged to the colony school. The hero, tried to escape the situation and didn’t go for the court hearing. The case was lost by the society just because the witnesses were less in number by two. Our hero’s kid also is affected due to it and had to travel 15km to and fro after joining a new school and the hero cursed himself for what he didn’t do. Later that school land was made into a huge bar and the entire colony suffered due to many hooligans finding their place there. Many of the families vacated the place and searched alternatives. So did our hero.

There is no happy ending to any such story. The happy endings come if we act when required. We can be selfish but we should give at least 10% of our effort for the society. If society is unwell, no matter how much we earn and how much educate ourselves and our children, we cannot survive in peace. Happiness is far from thought. We have social responsibility to MAKE OUR SURROUNDINGS CLEAN AND SECURE. This is democracy. Every one of us have equal rights and equal duties. See Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties, if you want to clarify. Wake up lazy Indian! What is that you are going to offer to future generations? Your laziness and selfishness can be the only reason why India is left behind. Don’t let that taint your character. Live with Pride and Dutifulness. Make India a Better Place to Live


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