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I am no unnatural person. I am just like you, may be lesser than your intellect and style of life. But if you want to know more, I am Vijay Sridhara, a Masters in Cryo Engg. from IIT Kgp, and a Masters in Physics from Andhra University, VSKP. I am interested in multiple fields of science and finally working as a computer programmer for last decade and I love my job.

My hobbies are software and web development, problem solving, 3D art, Photography and counseling. I also do some carpentry and electrical works at home. I like philosophy and I love teaching too. I am also a critic about life and its values. People call me jack of all trades…. 😛 and I think that is what I am due to my attitude. I wish to see all my countrymen being proud by heart one day being disciplined, honest and loyal to the nation. I want to see a corrupt free nation where parents don’t educate their children to produce wealth, but a wealth of morality and brotherhood. I wish parents teach their kids morals more than maths and physics. I don’t know if I am a good writer or speaker but yes I have lot of thoughts on “how a man should be” to make things better, and VitalLogic.NET is one such attempt to showcase my works and voice my thoughts. You can enjoy all the freeware to make your work productive. On the other hand you may not need appreciate this dumb attempt of my articles, but at the end of the day I am satisfied that I have let out my feelings,thoughts and beliefs into open community of intellectuals where at least one hero in a million can understand and put them to action.

Thank you for your 3 minutes …

Vijay Sridhara


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