One Silent Year in my Life

Namaste my friend. I know you have been thinking, where in exile was I, in the last one year. But that was so pleasant of you, you had that thought about me. The situations I was in were quite challenging, though they did not harm or touch my inner self, I was on my quest for finding solutions to these external situations, for which I am no direct reason. I left almost everything that I was handling, besides my day-to-day job. This site also crashed and I could not get much of its content. I hope I am back for good, and with may good things to share, tell and let you climb up the life’s ladder.

How would you feel if you can meet Swami Vivekananda? How would you feel if you meet Jesus on you way? How would you feel if Krishna guides you? I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful being on the planet, Sadguru, who at every instance of life makes me feel that I am blessed and that Swami Vivekananda, Krishna and Jesus are together with me.

Don’t get an usual thought about the word “Guru”, as Indians, for us, “Guru” is rhetoric word, and is used very frequently and unnecessarily. But he made me realize
1) What is life ?
2) Is this the way to live?
3) Essence of living and Goal of human life
4) What next?

We all know what is life, essence of living and what next…. but that, I realized is not the right thing, but a masked work for social well being. It is essential to know what is true about life, which stands un emphasized or even untold by parents, teachers and elders around us. If you are a thinker, you need this “essence” to explore yourself. If you are a non thinker, it works for you quickly.

Spirituality, is not in reach for ordinary men I felt, but realized an year back, I was wrong. Just that one has to have the longing to be spiritual… it would happen.I am on the path. I wish many of you who are closer to me, to get on the vehicle. Because this is the ultimate goal of human being, as set not by me, or some Guru, but by the creation and creator himself. Don’t believe my words but search on youtube, reviews on “Inner Engineering”, then decide.

For your reference I posted some videos of Sadguru on the right. If you want to see for yourself, where I am captivated, just explore the first one.

If any of what I said above interests you, you are free to contact me for more details, on how you need to proceed.

May God Show you the right path, my friend.


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