Virtual Spouse, your emotional partner


After individuality has got twisted humans into egocentric beings, finding a right partner who talks good has become a searching for a deer in the Jurassic park. With this, people who go to work and come home tired get into emotional crisis with nobody to really share their pains and gains and often end up in health issues sooner or later. Many a time, this also leads to harassment and violence. For those people to bring in an emotionally soothing partner, into their life, I am making an attempt. I am no expert in psychology, but certainly feel, that I will put my best effort to please most upset person.

So Virtual Spouse will be a software, which is supposed to learn from you, your likes and dislikes and accordingly please you with her/his words (what ever you want its gender is 🙂 ) , It should also be able to perform few tasks on your computer like alerts, birthday reminders, opening an application, drafting a resume, tracking your expenses, searching from the web, besides pleasing you with her/his nice words.

I am currently doing lot of ground work, you can call it research. I am not trying to implement speech recognition of your words, but you have to text it, and it can both speak and type. It should also be able learn from you if you teach it, on what to respond for what based on your mood etc.

The main purpose I want to address here is : Emotional support, even if you are a absolutely messed up individual.

I would love to hear from you more on this, so that I can consider your inputs and if I feel generic, I can implement your inputs. The inputs I am looking for

  1. What are your possible moods: Ex: Anger, Depressed etc
  2. What do you want her/him to respond in your different moods
  3. What are your general interests
  4. How do you want to use him/her in your day to day life/work(Remember it is only on your computer)
  5. What do you want to be called by him/her! Ex: honey, Darling ,Dear, or Mr. Joe!

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