PDFLibrary, a easy PDF organizer

Hey Folks, After a long time I am publishing one more Utility Software. First of all let me tell you. I always hated reading PDFs and kept myself away till last year from reading any kind of PDFs. However there are many good books only in PDF Format. It became tough for me to accept PDF into my life, but also couldn’t let the good books go. So the result is PDFLibrary. This allows you to organize your PDFs into one DB file. (Tags, Description and Search to be implemented yet). PDFLibrary implements the Free PDFViewer control, from Gnostice http://www.gnostice.com/XtremeDocumentStudio_dot_NET.asp?show=license. Gnostice mandates the following

  1. Each user individually have to go to the above link and register themselves to get a KEY for Free version to be used
  2. Each user can install the application on a Laptop and a Desktop (And not two laptops nor Desktops) without additional licensing requirmenets

You can read their licensing terms if required.
PDFLibrary requires also 1.0.99 version of System.data.Sqlite.org, a ado.net provider for SQLite DB, which is a public domain DB.

Note Both the libraries are ported along with PDFLibrary. But you must acquire Gnostice license Key for yourself.

However if you ask me what is VitalLogic licensing requirement? I don’t have any specific requirement, except that “Don’t claim this to be your software, and give credit to the author as required”.


Installation Procedure: Goto

Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio

Click Download tab and navigate to the bottom of the page to fill in the registration detail, with a valid Email ID



After your submit, you will receive a License Key, like this. (The key to be copied and placed in the gnostice_license.txt file provided in the download zip)


If you do not have .NET Framework 4.0, go hereĀ  and install.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Web installer


Now the final download is the tool itself

Download PDFLibrary 0.1

Unzip it into MyDocuments folder or C:\ drive, entirely.

And finally the last step is to update the License key into the file “gnostice_license.txt” as shown above and Save it.

Click open the PDFLibrary.exe. If everything went well, you will see this interface with few departments and racks! img_20160417103353

Perhaps after adding books to your deparments and racks, The following are the screens you may see.

img_20160416145029 img_20160416144851 img_20160416144822 img_20160416144722 img_20160416144710


Now you will love to work with PDFs…. If it helped your work any way, leave a comment and how it helped you.



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