How can India Change it’s Policy on Reservations

Let us look at the facts first: In the Central government funded educational institutions, 22.5% of available seats are reserved for SCs(15%) and STs(7.5%) and has been increased to whopping 49% by the then Prime Minister , V.P Singh when he added 27% to OBCs, which was recommended by the Mandal Comission in 1980, established […]

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Why do we pray?Does confession work? Will crime go unpunished?

During the early 1980’s terrorism in Punjab was not unknown. Let us talk about one life in Punjab, Balbir, a shopkeeper, who used to sell vegetables and limited groceries to feed his family, a wife and two daughters. One day, suddenly in front of his shop a motorcycle stopped and a machine-gun fired. There was […]

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What if an inspiring person found guilty

Sawant was a Chemistry teacher at the Government under graduate college. He was not only good in the subject but also had finesse in manners, courtesy, honesty and art of living(Not the one by Pandit Ravishankar). Every batch of students naturally admired him a lot, for his outstanding personality. Many students who wanted to stand […]

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